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Private Tutoring for every student that can focus on their individual needs and goals. Students build skills and confidence to navigate real-world situations with ease through our conversation-based methodology.


24/7 Course

24/7 Course


English Flavors offers a customized English course with well-trained instructors. It helps you get rid of your shyness and embarrassment when you speak English by acquiring lots of skills. Unlike a lot of English courses, You do not only practice in the session, but also out of the session over following up on a daily basis. 

English Flavors Helps you to:



Learning English from our point of view is a unique experience for each and every learner. It’s not about listening and memorizing preprepared lessons as it’s almost impossible to teach a piece of information to different people using the same method. Every learner should get to his own goal based on his needs, feelings, and speed of learning, to get the result that satisfies him, and in a way that he can measure.

Learning Experience

It’s not about delivering the information and taking a lot of materials you will never use, but it’s about having a lifestyle in English. We teach you how to deal with English naturally without having obvious obstacles which might hinder you from achieving your goals.

We search deeply for the things you are interested in and try to merge them with your goals to have a great result at the end of the course. Besides, you will have the confidence to speak English with different kinds of people as you will be quite sure about what you say. Even if you make a mistake, you will have the ability to figure it out and correct it yourself without needing someone to correct your mistakes. In other words, you will be your own teacher after finishing the course and be completely independent.

Personalized Plan

We put a plan on a monthly basis that includes your needs. However, before each lesson we check if the prepared content suits your mood and ability to comprehend. And we don’t end the session before we review the relation between the content of the session and your goal from learning English.

Tailored Materials

We exclude all the books and materials you studied before and didn’t make any change or enhancement to your English language. It’s illogical to teach you something you won’t need and use because they are explained in many well-known books. If you ever wonder in the middle of the course what’s the point of studying this topic or why did I start attending an English course, you should have a look at the content you’re studying and see if  it is relevant to your goal or not.

Well Trained English Instructors

Our instructors are extremely well- educated. They are not only instructors, but they are learners, as well. Our Ongoing Learning Process keep them updated with the new words and events that happen in the world, in order not to be left behind. They can help you in achieving whatever you need as they somehow have experienced the problems that you face in learning English. So, they can guide you properly.

They are really understandable, so you don’t have to be shy when you speak to them or be afraid of making mistakes as their aim is to make your English better, not to judge you. Moreover, you receive constructive feedback which helps you reach a higher level than the level you are in. It will also make you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

How We Do That ?

  1. Defining your level of English.​
  2. Identifying your purpose behind learning English
  3. Knowing your preferred methodology in learning.​
  4. Identifying your best times for you to study.
  5. Setting a customized plan based on your needs & wants.
  6. Helping you achieve this plan by teaching you some techniques and/or recommending some methodologies that fit you.
  7. Following up with you during the week to make sure that you study and use what we do in the session.

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