About us

Who we are

English Flavors offers customized one-to-one English learning experience to students, educators & business professionals through its personalized sessions, tailored materials, and well-trained English linguists. The world uses English in education and the working environment as it’s the easiest way of communication. but there are some people who still depend on old methods that teach you how to memorize some answers.


Build independent learners who don’t need to take any other English courses, and focus on doing things that matter to them. 


Help every Learner to become his own self tutor through creating a unique & customized learning experience for themselves.

The problem is, many people forget everything they memorize once they write them down on the test. And that’s why we design English language learning experience that helps you to use English to build your ideas, concepts, and unique way of thinking.

Accordingly, it will sharpen your point of view, so you can communicate & deliver your thoughts confidently while you are learning, applying for a scholarship, hunting a job/promotion, traveling any place in the world or living abroad.

Helping you initiate effective two-way communication with the world. 

A way that makes you understand what the world is talking about, and make the world enjoy listening to you.