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Knowledge is available online; however, our role is to help you produce an output, give you feedback for it, and then make you practice it several times.

Our target is to make you an independent user of English who won’t need to take another English course.

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You are shy from your accent, although you know the words.
Planning to live in a different country, but you have to pass 4 interviews,
each might be a non-stop conversation for 3 hours

Have great Technical background in your work, but you get rejected in another company/higher position because of your English
Work in an international company and your manager/clients are foreigners

A parent who has kids in an international school and wants to pronounce the same accent of his kid’s teachers?
Mixing Arabic words while speaking English during presentations/demo/interview?

Our Rules:
- The main target of the course is to give you an output so wherever you feel that you’re not improving or what you’re studying with us isn’t helping please communicate with the admins
- Can I change or reschedule my session?
- You can ONLY reschedule 1 session every month, and you have to let us know one week ahead. otherwise it will be considered as one of your sessions.
- Why I can postpone my session? isn’t a private session?
Yes, it’s a private one-to-one session, and as we design a personalized plan for you monthly, we can’t switch/cancel/reschedule the teacher to other
students, he already prepares and plans his time for your case,
so as we respect your time, we have to commit the same way with our teachers.
And if you know that you might have any unplanned time, you can stop your monthly sessions, find whatever the case you have, and resume once you are probably sure that you can attend 4 sessions.