Professional Speaking Course

What is this course?

The first step to learn any language is to listen first, then to speak, and that is what happens with people all around the world while learning any language. There is no  Arabic learner who doubts his Arabic language, even for the non-educated people who never went to any school, they listen a lot, so they can speak fluently.

The issues of learning English for non-native speakers are:

How to overcome those problems?

Watch videos of teachers that teach how to pronounce the sounds & the letters.

Just be aware that you might still need some help to know the effect of the Arabic language on your sounds and how to distinguish between them.

You can listen to music and/or watch movies to learn from them.

That’s a good solution, but sometimes people, as they don’t understand the words, or if there are too many words to learn, they get distracted and forget to repeat a specific part over and over. They end up watching the movie with Arabic subtitles to know the story and forget the whole purpose of watching the movie at the first place. That happens because there is no guidance to highlight and explain why those words sound like this, so they don’t improve their language skills very quickly.

What will you get from this course?

How to be understood from the first time

How pronunciation affects meaning

Build a unique style of speaking for yourself

Study pronunciation once and for all

Have a decent accent and pronounce letters correctly

Learn all the pronunciation rules and how to use them

Get rid of the impact of the Arabic sounds on your English

Distinguish between Arabic & English while pronouncing words


Weekly Sessions

Professional Speaking Course

EGP3200 EGP 2600
  • 4 Sessions
  • Once Per Week

  • 2 Hours
  • Per Session

  • Follow-Up Assignment
  • Adaptive

Daily Practice

Professional Speaking Course

EGP6400 EGP 5000
  • 4 Sessions
  • Once Every Week

  • 2 Hours
  • Per Session

  • Follow-Up Assignment
  • Adaptive

  • Daily 30 min Call 
  • 4 Days/Week

  • Extra Practice
  • For the unexpected daily situations



We decide the duration of your course after doing an assessment to know your level, the skills you want to build in English and the available time you have to master those skills which varies from a person to another.

On average, most students achieve their target within 3 months.

The English you studied at school or college works mainly on 4 basic skills:
1- Reading
2- Writing
3- Speaking
4- Listening

Many people studied those skills and they still have issues with speaking English fluently.

However, these issues vary from a person to another according to his background, kind of intelligence and the environment he is surrounded with.

For example, translators may know variety of words but as they don’t speak English with their clients, they lack the accent and the confidence of speaking.

That’s why our instructors inspect and observe the way you use English, compare it to the point you want to reach and help you achieve it.

Unfortunately, the answer is No.

Our course will be personalized for your practical priorities that you need to use at the very now.
We can promise you to speak confidently in 3 months about yourself and your career in details, no matter what.

You will also notice a big step taken in being independent to use English. You may pursue studying for another goal like an international test or living abroad. But we help you decide in the assessment after you get the output you came to us to get from your English.

The only accredited certificates that are accepted internationally about your language level are the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE tests and we don’t provide preparation courses for those tests.

The English we teach is based on building your speaking skills and understanding the person talking to you from the first time to have two-ways communication.

That’s what the company you apply for measures through their English tests and HR interview, and that’s our focus with you in the course from day one.

We provide Self-Study courses on Almentor website.

The first course is American Pronunciation

The second course is English to Get a Job

And their prices are affordable and convenient.

The pronunciation course is 43 videos and its duration is about 3 hours working on your way of speaking in a simple way. It’s one of the best selling courses in English as a Second Language learning over Almentor platform. So, you can buy the course and watch the videos as much as you want till you master using those sounds in your speaking.

For the live courses we focus more on creating a Customized Plan based on the needs of the learner in one-2-one classes.

The assessment costs 200 LE.

We will measure your language level and the critical issues that you need to fix in your English. We will listen to you in details about what you need to do with your English and design the plan that you will follow to get rid of your English concerns and achieve your goal.

It means the course our instructor teaches you is tailored for you, focusing on your weaknesses and what you need. The instructor discusses the plan with you and if approved, you start working based on it, no unwanted or repeated information.

This way makes it easy to change the topics if needed based on the progress you make as well as the continuous instant correction which enables you to use what you learn faster.

The answer is YES. it’s  called the PHONETICS.
The International Pronunciation Association (IPA) created signs that represent how English is pronounced in American & British.

They said in American English, there are 40 sounds and 7 basic rules to link them. And in British English, there are 44 sounds and 7 rules to link them.

So, if you want the fastest way to learn English, you save yourself years in listening to everyone and work with an accent coach who can clearly define your problem, point the issues you need to work on, and train you until you become fully confident in every word you say.

That is correct.
The problem is, most of the time, it only works if you have a solid background, want to practice and build on it, or if you are a child and you will learn the English language without interrupting it with the Arabic sounds/words.

But, if there is a Bilingual instructor who speaks Arabic and has an impressive accent, he will have a corrective mindset that helps you overcome this problem just as he did.

The first step is doing an assessment to know your level, the mistakes you make and want to fix, then design the proper plan for the output you want to get at the end of the course. Book the assessment Test